Belladonna's Butthole Whores 2

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Information about "Belladonna's Butthole Whores 2"
Release Date:
January 28th, 2008

Movie Length:
DVD: 3 Hours 26 Min.
BTS: 2 Hours 24 Min.


Category: Boy/Girl > Anal

Annette Schwarz, Harmony, Trinity Post, Belladonna, John Strong, Mr. Pete, Rico Strong, Steve Holmes

One hole is all you'll really ever need... who needs pussy anyway? Not us! It's an all-anal fuck-fest with Belladonna getting her ass ruined in 3 of the 6 hot scenes! First, Bella is hired by Steve, a very wealthy, undersexed, older man. She's hired to clean his... home. Unlikely, but at least she got paid. You all know Rico? The big time photographer? And you all know the German fashion model, Annette? When these two get together, there's no tearing them apart! Back to Bella again. Her love in life is just to be married... that and having sex in public without getting caught! Pete gives her just what she desires... not a ring! Harmony is a TRUE butthole whore. She wouldn't want the cock in any other hole! And who better to give to her than John? Nobody! He hammers away at her hole for what seems like hours and never lets up until his pop and slap to the face! She was delighted in the end... Rico's job as a executive record producer for Filthy Rich Entertainment is a hard job, it leaves him barely any time alone with the wife. Trinity isn't too happy about it tries her hardest to spice things up. Rico ends up giving her a little spice of his own. And finally last, but certainly not least, we have Bella and John paired up. The first time working together 1-on-1, ever! In her younger days, Bella was a REAL cheerleader, so she decided to show off some of her moves for John and she ends up getting hurt... no worries, John will make her feel... even more hurt? You decide!

Extra Info (DVD Only):
This is a DVD9 format 2-Disc Set. Special features include: behind the scenes, photo gallery, multiple chapters per scene, motion chapter menus, reversible DVD cover, a complete cast list and filmographies.
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