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My Blog - 2008-05-14: Second chances...
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At 2:01PM, Belladonna writes:
Yesterday, I shot the last scene for Cock Happy 2 with C.J. Wright. Now, let me explain a little bit about the history of C.J. and I. We shot a scene together earlier this year for a movie called Cock Pigs. The scene was me, C.J. and Monique and I was very excited because he came highly recommended and just a sexy man, overall. The sexiest part about him, to me, would have to be his face. Well, during the shoot, he wasn't performing like I was told he could. I was disappointed because I had very high hopes for that scene. Not to mention, the other lady in the scene wasn't what I remembered her to be either. So, I had to make up for the lack of performance, which I think I accomplished. You see, I'm not the type of director/performer that would get all mad, stomp my feet around and yell at someone for not giving me what I need. I let things happen the way they do and learn from it. Afterwards, I was feeling like I had to tell him the way I felt about the scene. I truly like him and wanted to give him another shot. He and I were sitting in a room downstairs all by ourselves and I told him straight up, "This was not your best, was it?" He answered exactly like I thought he would. He said no. I went on to ask him if it was because I had a hairy pussy or that I am too skinny for him because I know that not everyone is going to find me attractive. That's just the truth and I'm okay with that. He told me it was nothing like that, but it was because he was just very nervous because you know, I'm Belladonna. I still, to this day, don't ever realize that people can really look and or feel like I am a big deal. I mean really! I am so not that big headed porn star girl who is better than everyone else. And it won't ever happen. Anyway, I felt really good telling him the truth because, well everyone deserves to be told the truth.

Second chances are rarely given out, but they are to those who deserve them and C.J. Wright definitely deserved it. So that brings me to yesterday... We decided to change things up a bit and shoot at our other house, since it's just sitting there empty anyway. The scene was going to be about a couple who were ready for an adventure. And when I say a couple, I mean the woman really. I tried to convince C.J. that we should go inside this abandoned house that I'd always admired and maybe we could fuck while we were in there. He wasn't really having it one bit, but I kept telling him that he really liked my pussy and that it would be well worth it. After awhile, I convinced him and he snuck inside. It was really cold, dusty and it had a creepy aura floating around. But, that's what I loved so much about it. It felt exciting that we weren't supposed to be there.

While were were inside, I started kissing him with my sweet soft lips and gave him a little tease so he would feel more comfortable being there. I don't think he wanted to go anywhere at that point. I began rubbing my body all over him while giving him what could be called, a mini lap dance. Just teasing him and making his cock hard for me until he let me suck on his hard as a rock cock. There's nothing I love more than a rock solid cock to slide my tongue up and down.

Slowly smelling his hot meat and then licking it so that the entire cock is wet with my spit. And then sucking on it like it was my tight pussy wrapped around it and on to giving him some of the best throat he would ever experience. I moved his cock around in my throat in circles causing his cock to enter into ecstasy. And then it happened. A loud bang, like a door shutting. He freaked out and thought it was a ghost, he wanted to get out of there... but I knew he couldn't resist the head I was giving him... he stayed. I let me mouth continue pleasuring him and soon enough his hard on found it's way into my dripping wet cunt.

He pounded me so deep, I couldn't get enough of it. The combination of his long, rock hard cock and constant pounding away... it was perfect. I was completely satisfied... almost. Again, sounds of unknown filled the room and made us feel even more turned on. Was it a ghost? Was it the owners? Was it our imagination? It doesn't matter, we were fucking like lovers and it was our only concern to get each other off. After he fucked my pussy for what felt like an eternity, I allowed him to enter my asshole.

My asshole is a very special and sacred place, and I don't allow just anyone to go in there... just a certain, select few. C.J. is one of them, and he is allowed to have my ass whenever and where ever he wants it. He can call me up at 3AM and say "Belladonna, come over to my house right now and give me that ass." I would do it, without even thinking twice. I'm an obedient slut. It doesn't even matter that I'm married. I would be unfaithful to my husband with the snap of a finger from another man. As long as that man could provide me with pleasure... I just can't control my self sometimes. Lucky for me, I'm married to a man who is turned on by it, because if he wasn't, I would have a hard time hiding it from him. I KNOW for a FACT that I would cheat on him. Sometimes, I'm ashamed of it, but you know what? The feeling I get is just too powerful and makes me overcome that shame. So, back to C.J. He fucked my ass so good, and I fucked his cock back... long, deep strokes. I wish it could have lasted all day and all night. I wish I was still riding on his cock right now! But all good things must come to an end... and the ending couldn't have been better. He offered me his cum... right in my hand. He wouldn't give it to me in my mouth, I had to take it from my hand and eat it. I do what I'm told... and then... we were literally scared shitless. You gotta watch the scene to find out why!!!

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